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Is a friend, family member or a loved one in jail? Matt McKeehan Bail Bonds Inc. can help. We provide prompt and reliable bail bond services to anyone in need. Our office has 5 bail agents and 7 bond clerks which enables us to provide you with 24 hour, 365 days a year service. When we say 24 hour service we mean 24 hours in office.

No matter what the violation is, we are here to help you get your loved one free quickly and efficiently. If you think you have a warrant for your arrest anywhere in the state of Florida, call our office for information on how to do a rapid intake. No handcuffs, no bars.


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  • 22 Years of Experience
  • 24/7 Bail Bond Services
  • Experienced Bail Agents
  • Exceptional Client Service

Our bail bonds agents are friendly, discreet, and professional in carrying out their duties. When your loved one lands in jail, we will offer you every assistance in posting bail for him or her.

We now accept online payments. Call us at (850) 466-1024.

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If you need an updated court date please call us.

When someone you care about is in jail call us immediately, we are ready to assist you.

If you have any general questions about the bail process feel free to email or call us anytime. We are open 24 hours a day.

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